Gas Stove Installation Sacramento

Gas Stove Installation should only be completed by a certified handyman with the experience needed to handle gas lines. Our technicians are trained with gas line installation and LP gas conversions. This gas stove installation job was done on a property in Sacramento, CA. Our gas stove installer completed this job using a HotPoint gas range. Job Details:

Service Request:
Customer requested a Gas Stove installation in Sacramento. We installed a HotPoint gas stove. There was no existing stove onsite.


Work Done:
Technician installed a new HotPoint gas stove in the kitchen. This included the installation of theĀ gas line, as well as securing the stove in place. See images below of our gas stove installation project.

Gas Stove Installation Sacramento

HotPoint Gas Range Project

gas valve in place gas line needed

Anti tip bracket in.

Gas Stove Install.

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