3 Handyman Tips for Thanksgiving

3 Handyman Tips for Thanksgiving

The holidays can be stressful enough already without adding home repair problems to the equation. Don’t let your Thanksgiving dinner get derailed by a preventable mishap. Here are three preventable home repair issues we see during the Thanksgiving holiday.

  1. Take care of your garbage disposal.

Don’t grind up leftovers in your garbage disposal. Large amounts of food will clog up or break your disposal, leaving you with a stinky sink that doesn’t drain. Starchy foods are the worst offenders. Potato peels should always go in the trash, never in the disposal.

Garbage Disposal

Although the disposal should be able to handle a moderate amount of food debris, not all disposals are created equal. Unless you own a disposal with really high horse power, then limit the contents that you put down the drain. Remember these basic tips:


  • ✓ No Starchy Foods (potatoes, pasta, rice, ect.). These are drain cloggers!
  • ✓ No grease (yet another sink clogger).
  • ✓ No non-organic materials.
  • ✓ Run a strong flow of water when grinding food.
  1. Find your water shut off valves.

One of the biggest catastrophes that can happen over the holiday is a leak that floods the house. Whether it’s a toilet that overflows or a sink that won’t shut off, it’s hard not to go into full-on panic mode when water is spilling on the floor and getting deeper by the minute.

Shut off water

If may go without saying, but be sure you know how to turn off the water at the source. Before a crisis happens, you should locate and know where your water shut off valves are for all your sinks, your toilets, your washer, sprinkler system, and everything else that has a water source. This way you can shut off the water at the first sign of trouble, and your home will be safe from water damage while you wait for a handyman to come and fix the problem.


Imagine this: you’re playing football in the backyard after dinner and accidentally break a sprinkler head. Do you know how to turn off the water until a landscaper can come fix the problem on Monday?

  1. Be safe when you fry your turkey.

Fried turkey is tender and incredibly delicious. It can also be dangerous. Hot oil, open flames, and a large bird combine to make a perfect storm of potential injuries or worse. Stay safe with these turkey-frying guidelines:

Safely Deep Fry a Turkey
  1. ✓ Never fry a frozen turkey. The turkey should be completely thawed before you put it in the fryer.
  2. ✓ Fry your turkey outdoors, away from anything flammable.
  3. ✓ Wear eye protection and skin protection. Hot oil pops. Think about bacon frying in a pan, and then multiply it by the size of the turkey.
  4. ✓ Have a fire extinguisher handy.
  5. ✓ Never, ever, ever put water on a grease fire!

Enjoy your Thanksgiving, stay safe, and use these tips to keep your house under control during this busy time of year.