10 Mosquito Prevention Tips to Save Your Summer

Picture this: You’re outside barbecuing with the family, and all of a sudden your arms are covered with unsightly welts that won’t stop itching! You’ve just been attacked by hungry mosquitoes. We’ve all been there, and although completely ridding your life of mosquitoes is unlikely, there are several measures you can take to greatly reduce their nuisance on your summer nights.


Mosquitoes lay eggs in water, so the best way to keep mosquitoes at bay is to reduce or eliminate sources of standing water. It takes about a week for a mosquito egg to fully develop into an adult mosquito, so draining and cleaning sources of standing water weekly is crucial to mosquito prevention. Follow these 10 mosquito prevention tips to keep your house, and skin, mosquito free all summer:


Mosquito prevention

10 Mosquito Prevention Tips

Repair leaky outdoor pipes and faucets. Start at your front door and tour the entire perimeter of your property. top tourist destinations . Do you have any leaky pipes, faucets, or sprinkler heads? If so, be sure to repair your outdoor plumbing before the summer hits. Water standing from leaking plumbing will attract breeding mosquitoes.

Check your air conditioner for leaks. Be sure your air conditioner isn’t leaking water, and check for runoff from the unit. If water collects in shady areas, have a professional repair the unit to prevent water pooling in your yard.

Clean your gutters. Before summer starts, have your gutters professionally cleaned. Blockages in the gutters can prevent water from fully draining, which creates an ideal breeding ground for hungry mosquitoes.

Maintenance your pool. Be sure your pool is cleaned and treated regularly. If you own a small kiddie pool, never leave the water standing for longer than 4 days. Ideally, you should leave the pool empty and dry when it’s not in use for more than 2 consecutive days.

Drill holes in outdoor planters. If you’re using planters to grow veggies or flowers this summer, be sure the pots have sufficient drainage to prevent pools of water around the base of the planter. Wet planters are an attractive breeding site for mother mosquitoes.

Scrub and change the water in bird baths weekly. To prevent the larvae and pupa from maturing into full grown mosquitoes, be sure that standing bird bath water is discarded every 4-5 days. When the bath is empty, use a safe detergent to clean the bowl before refilling it with fresh water.

Clean pet watering dishes. Don’t let Spot’s water sit for days! Not only  because standing water is the main source of mosquito infestation, but because summer is hot and your animals need fresh water daily.

Update your landscaping with mosquito repellent plants. Enhance the beauty of your yard while warding off unwanted pests by planting some natural mosquito repellent plants such as Catsnip, Lavender, Basil, Lemongrass, Lemon thyme, Mint, and Rosemary.

Check your screen doors and windows for holes where mosquitoes can sneak inside. Do a quick visual check of each window to identify any problem areas. Also look for bends in the screen frame where mosquitoes can squirm through.

As a final measure, protect your skin. Use a mosquito repellent that contains an EPA-registered active ingredient like DEET or Picaridin. This is your last defense to these nasty critters, so be sure you apply a repellent before venturing outdoors in the evening.

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