How to Hang Christmas Lights

Hang Christmas Lights

Decorating for the holiday season is a lot of work. When you’re decorating the inside of your house, you’re warm and cozy, but the outside of your house is a different story. Hanging Christmas lights takes preparation, planning, and of course, playing it safe. How to hang Christmas lights perfectly is a pretty challenging task, but with our help you can make it happen!

How to Hang Christmas Lights

Christmas Light Hanging Essentials:

  • Outdoor Light Hooks or Gutter Hooks
  • Outdoor Light Timer
  • Heavy duty extension cord
  • Measuring tape (25 ft.)
  • Lights
  • Ladder
  • Light Hanging Helper (optional, but a good idea)
Hanging Christmas Lights safely

Important Note: It’s always helpful to have a partner to help with hanging Christmas light—it’s also a lot safer! If you are hanging the lights with a ladder, your partner can be the one holding it and also passing you supplies.  If it is just you, just be very careful!

What Kind of Christmas Lights Do You Want?

If you already have Christmas lights, it’s important to check that they are still working before you start. Plug them in and test them out! If you don’t already have lights, decide what kind and color you want. There are mini, icicle, the classic bigger lights, LED lights, Shimmer Spheres, and also net lighting. As far as color goes, you can go for the classic multicolor, white, blue, or even purple. Always remember to choose waterproof or water-resistant lights! Make sure they are labeled (UL).

Where to Begin:

After testing your lights, it’s time to map out where you want the lights to go. For this you will need a tape measure. This is so you can figure out the number of light strands you will need. Next, locate the nearest outdoor electrical outlet. If you need to, grab a heavy duty extension cord to reach far enough.

Attach your lights to either shutters, shingles, or the gutter depending on what kind of light hooks you have and how you want them to look on your house. Space your hooks about 12 inches apart.

how to hang Christmas lights

Decorate as you please! When you are done decorating, it’s a great idea to plug them into a Christmas light timer. This will save money on your electric bill, and you can set these timers to turn on at dusk and turn off at any time.

It might take a few hours to hang Christmas lights and to get it just right, but once you plug them in and they all work, you will feel the ultimate Christmas light hanging success!