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Residential & Commercial Maintenance & Repair Specialists

Tenant Expense

Tenant Expense Recovery for Landlords

When you hire a third-party vendor to handle the repairs and maintenance on your rental property, it can be difficult to determine just how much of the damage can be billed to your tenant. That’s why Property Doctor provides a Tenant Expense Recovery evaluation with every repair at no additional cost. Our technicians and office staff work closely with landlords, real estate investors, and property managers to ensure all repair and maintenance is documented as thoroughly as possible. This includes preventative, turnover, and work order requests.

We work with our clients to ensure they have all the information they need to properly expense property repair and maintenance costs.

What’s Included in the Proof Package for Tenant Damage?

Throughout the maintenance process, our technicians thoroughly document the condition of your rental, and then provide root cause recommendations for how to categorize the damage. Your Proof Package will include:

  •   Before & After Photos of worked preformed
  •   Root Cause Analysis for each repair completed
  •   Detailed Invoice so you can bill tenants according to your own policies

How do you classify damage?

Any work that can be perceived as a “property improvement” will be classified in this category. If the repair was requested for cosmetic reasons, we’ll consider the work to be a property improvement. Examples of property improvements include upgrades to fixtures, plumbing, knobs, or flooring.

Sometimes we’ll be called for a repair that the landlord is unsure if the tenant caused. We carefully inspect the damage to understand what caused the failure or break. If the damage appears to be a defect in the products workmanship, we will report the repair as defective. Items that may be perceived as defective include faulty door locks, towel hangers, appliances, or other types of damage beyond the reasonable control of the tenant.

Any item covered under a manufacturer, home, or service warranty will be identified and brought to your attention immediately. Our goal is to ensure that you have every opportunity to make a warranty claim when possible.

Tenant Caused Damage 
Repair problems that are clearly caused by misuse or neglect on the tenant’s part will be reported as Tenant Caused Damage. This may include issues such as removal of excess debris from the pipes of a backed-up toilet or repairing damage to a kitchen tiles caused by the tenant’s furniture.

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